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Hi, I’m Vivi – A U.S. based freelancer with over 17 years of  experience as a full-stack website developer / coder, specializing in the custom coding of WordPress websites and customization of existing WP sites. I also work with other platforms as well, including Shopify and a few others.

I also provide other services such as monthly or quarterly maintenance, trouble-shooting, SEO and site optimization.

My Story

Who am I?

I’m a freelance website coder & when you hire me to work on your website project, you are dealing with me and only me. You won’t be dealing with a company or a project manager… you’ll have direct access to me on my cell and via Skype at all times. You’ll have my full attention. I am a true geek at heart.

How did I start?

Loved the web since day 1 when HTML hand coding was the only way to go… Learned and evolved during the years…. Then around nine years ago, I started learning about WordPress and fell in love.

What do I do?

I custom code my clients’ website project with the cleanest code possible while producing a fully responsive site. All of my projects are HTML5 is validated and search engine optimized, making the sites easily updatable and beautifully responsive.

Who do I work for?

My primary clients are design & marketing agencies. I also work with entrepreneurs – beginners & established, small-medium sized companies & other freelancers who either don’t code, or need assistance.

What type projects do I do?

Most of my projects are from-scratch coding website projects, working from the clients’ mockup, although occasionally I also assist with the designing as well. I also assist with customization of current websites & themes – small & large projects alike.

How do I work?

I review with the client their design and all functionality needed. We agree to a timeline. My projects are always delivered on-time, sometimes ahead of schedule too. It’s my mission to ensure you have a clean coded, affordable site that you are proud of.


What I Can Do For You

It’s not just the skills but the customer relationship that wins and converts them to long-term clients.

My clients can depend on my honesty, dedication to my business and always being approachable.

I continuously work at keeping up to date on the latest in technology, coding processes and development style. I share my knowledge with my clients but carefully listen to their preferences.

I want your website to be a success.

• Communication • Reliability •  Always •

My Skills

My Experience











Responsive Coding

Custom Theme Dev.

Theme Customization


Server Administration


Website Maintenance

Website Optimization

Website Troubleshooting

Website Migration

Eblast Coding

Copy Writing


Best Way to Start

We can set up a time to discuss your project and vision so that I may have a better understanding of your goals and vision.

I’ll have a few questions for you and will be ready to answer yours. Also, I can provide you with some ideas and recommendations for you to consider.

I will then review your project and submit to you a proposal that will detail the project and what it includes, outline the exact cost and set deadlines that will be kept.

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